Nissreen Almazouni

Angelo De Rose Photography

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                 Swing Dance Instructor & Choreographer

I am an avid social swing dancer and a classic Lindy Hopper.  I have been mentored by Lindy Hop icons and the original Big Apple Lindy Hoppers such as Bill Kline, Roddy Caravella, Mat Bedell, Chad Fasca,  Midori Asakura, Laura Jeffers.  And most important of all, the one and only, Frankie Manning.

Technique, musicality and phrases that are applicable socially, are my main teaching focuses. And of course, having fun while learning is a priority.

I also love to explore and create swing choreographies of vernacular solo jazz and 20s & 30's Charleston as well as Lindy Hop. 

With over 17 years of Lindy experience, and continuous learning today, I hope to spread the joy of Lindy Hop to all ages and give back to the great community I learned from.

Currently teaching in Bloomfield New Jersey and performing in various studios, public /private venues in New Jersey and New York City.